April 2016 Meeting

Bennett Coles

Traditional, Hybrid and Self-Publishing

Bennett R. Coles
Bennet R. Coles of Promontory Press

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

All three publishing methods have their pros and cons, and Bennet will provide a detailed, fun and no-BS tour of the facts, trends and surprises facing authors today.

Bennett R. Coles heads up the BC-based publishing company Promontory Press and works with fellow authors as an editor and instructor.

Bennett is an award-winning author with extensive experience in the modern world of publishing. He will speak on its advantages and disadvantages for authors.

Bennett retired from the Royal Canadian Navy in 2005 and has since formed Promontory Press, dedicated to giving talented new authors the shot at the traditional market they deserve. He lives in Victoria with his wife and two sons.

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