1. All participants of critique groups must be paid current members of the Victoria Writers’ Society.
  2. Everyone in a group should be treated, and should treat others, with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Participation should be guided by consideration of its impact on other group members and should be aimed at providing honest and helpful feedback on the work presented.
  3. The group leader’s primary role is to develop and foster a friendly, sociable and comfortable environment that is free from threat.
  4. Group leaders have the authority to take appropriate measures to ensure that the meetings can proceed without undue disruption.
  5. Harassment of or by any group leader or participant in any form is unacceptable.
  6. Groups may not be used as a forum for proselytizing particular views or marketing specific products.
  7. Group members should respect the views and opinions of all other members, listening attentively and without interruption while other opinions are expressed.
  8. Group leaders should ensure that participants have equitable opportunities to participate in group discussions and that no individual dominates the discussion to the detriment of others.
  9. If a participant appears to be in breach of the principles or guidelines noted above, the group leader will first attempt to counsel the member towards more appropriate behaviour.
  10. The Victoria Writers’ Society’s Critique group coordinator should be informed of any problems that arise in groups that need to be resolved.
  11. The VWS critique group coordinator has the authority to require that a participant withdraw from a group based on more than one violation of the principles or guidelines noted above, and at the request of the group leader and/or a majority of other members of the group.
  12. The VWS critique group coordinator, after consultation with the VWS executive, has the authority to remove a group from the VWS critique group roster if the group does not abide by the above guidelines.
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