October 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

7:00 to 8:45 pm

Re-Write Your Life – Junie Swadron

Every story, no matter how painful, can become the elixir of healing, transformation, and ultimately joy!

Have you ever considered writing your life stories but then have stopped yourself because there are things you’d just rather not remember let alone write about?

What if there was a way of returning to those same stories that when you thought of them, you felt empowered rather than disturbed? A way that would transform how you felt about yourself as well as certain people and events from your past?

Junie Swadron, author of Re-Write Your Life, sees the therapeutic process and the creative process as one. “It is about accessing a special place within us where serenity, love, courage and truth reside. It is from this place that we begin to know our true spirit. It is from this place we begin to heal.”




Junie Swadron is an author, psychotherapist, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional writing coach. She has spent the last twenty years guiding thousands of students in writing and sharing their life stories through a deep and powerful process that completely transformed how they experienced their life journey.

Junie moved from Toronto in 1998 where she was a clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, certified life skills coach, and worked in private practice as well as at a well-known drug and alcohol facility.

Since her move to BC she has happily added “published playwright” to her resume with the success of her play Madness, Masks and Miracles, a play to dispel myths and stigmas about mental illness, and has worked as a mental health worker in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

For more info about Junie Swadron’s books and workshops go to www.JunieSwadron.com

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All members are encouraged to display their published works or related services around the room. Tables are supplied.

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