VWS General Meeting

Wednesday, 06 March 2024
7:00 – 8:30 pm at Russell Books

The Benefits of Working with a Writing Coach

This meeting will feature professional writer, editor and coach Angela M Cowan in discussing the benefits of working with a writing coach, including guidance in finding and choosing one. We’ll touch on some common drafting pitfalls and places writers often get stuck in the process, and how a writing coach can help navigate through those challenges.

Angela M Cowan has been writing and editing professionally for more than 12 years, and periodically teaches creative writing workshops at the McTavish Academy of Art. Her great love is working with writers to find the heart of their stories, whether in fiction or non-fiction, and works with clients at all stages of the writing journey. For more information, find her at www.angelamcowan.com

Everyone is welcome. VWS meetings are free and open to the public.

Meet our new VWS President

Dana Reinhardt

Dana was the chef and owner of successful restaurants in Whistler, Sumac Ridge Winery in the Okanagan and finally the CRU Restaurant in Vancouver. After many trips to Italy and France, Dana realized a life-long dream of hosting cooking classes and culinary adventures in Tuscany, Sicily, Paris, and the Loire valley.

Dana is currently writing her memoir, I Remember Every Bite. It is an honest, sometimes brutally honest, look at one woman’s journey into the world of becoming a professional chef and restaurateur. Dana takes us on her sojourn to express her love and creativity through food and arms-wide-open hospitality.

Told with passion, grit, humour, and a smattering of great recipes, Dana stumbles her way forward traveling to Italy, London, France and Saskatchewan to reclaim her true self and tell her own narrative through food.

Welcome, Dana!

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