Contest Coordinator Role

VWS Writing Contest Coordinator’s Role

  • August to May: Attend Executive meetings on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • November/December: Review, and revise if necessary, notice of next contest and contest rules. Select or confirm promotion person for next contest.
  • December/January: With committee assistance, find three judges for the next contest.
  • January/February/March/April: Brief reminders of contest at general meetings first Wednesday each month.
  • March/April/May: Maintain record of contest entries – titles, author names, fees paid – for each of three categories. Confirm compliance with rules (word count, appropriate fee, etc.).
  • March: Check mailbox say three weeks for entries.
  • April: Check mailbox every two weeks for entries.
  • May: Check mailbox twice a week for entries.
  • End May/early June: Deliver manuscripts to judges.
  • Mid-August: Pick up manuscripts from judges, match up winning titles with authors’ names, notify winners of their success, and invite winners to read at the September general meeting.
  • August/early September: Give list of winners to treasurer for prize preparation. Organize winners’ readings for September general meeting.