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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

7:00 to 8:45 pm

Identity Theft Prevention for Writers – George Opacic

George Opacic will discuss why, as writers who need to be promoting our work with social media, we should be cautious of where we give out important elements of identity.

Whether you have a website, blog, or post to Facebook, you should arm yourself with an understanding of what the “black-hat” hackers are doing on the internet.

A brief extract of his talk can be found online at opalideas.com/identity-theft/

George Opacic
George Opacic

George Opacic is a Past President of the Federation of BC Writers and is currently a Director. His current projects include: an ambitious novel called The Antichrist of Stanley Park, which takes place in Nunavut and Vancouver; a murder mystery set in the deep internet, called Rendezyou – this has elements taken from the Bradley/Chelsey Manning and Edward Snowden affairs, and suppressed cases of convicted hackers; and two narratives being written and edited for clients: In A Cloud of Sails, and Notes To Mother.

More details may found on his website: www.opalideas.com

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All members are encouraged to display their published works or related services around the room. Tables are supplied.

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