October 2021 Meeting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 6, 2021

7:00 pm via Zoom

Nicole Bennett – Stories Less Spoken

History of the Storytelling Podcast – storieslessspoken.com

Congratulations to the Winners of

VWS 2021 Writing Contest

Fiction (Judge Tricia Dower)

1st Place – Loucas Raptis, My Father’s Portal

2nd Place – Michael Maitland, In Death There is Life (Insurance)

Honourable Mentions: Kim Harrison, Kids of the Free Range and Leanne Stepp, Liminal Spaces

Creative Non-Fiction (Judge Yvonne Blomer)

1st Place – Kim Harrison, Six Months in a Hammock

2nd Place – Britta Gunderson-Bryden, The Ambassador’s Cat

Honourable Mentions: Sharon McInnes, Disappearing and Debra Henry, Family Tree

Poetry (Judge Barbara Pelman)

First Place – April Ripley, Early Onset

Second Place – Donald Niedermayer, Lockdown Haikus

Honourable Mentions: Melanie Higgs, Brigid’s Gift and K.J. Ives, Lament

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