March 2018 Meeting

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

7:00 to 8:45 pm

Andrew Struthers – Writing Humour

Andrew Struthers was born in Glasgow, spent his childhood in Scotland and Uganda, and emigrated to Prince George, BC when he was 13. In 1987 he made a pilgrimage to Tibet by mistake, and upon his return began cartooning for The Georgia Straight. He has drawn countless illustrations, written books, plays, stories, articles and film scripts, and made the YouTube viral Spiders on Drugs, which has been viewed approximately one hundred million times.

Mr. Struthers is presently shooting a feature film in his living room, and is hoping to poach our audience for likely actors for this current movie project. He is also looking for an old telephone switchboard.

He has four books currently in print and a fifth on the way.

The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed (2017) explores the hazy truths and half-baked misconceptions surrounding cannabis. Drawing on historical sources, stories collected from over 100 friends, and extensive personal research, Struthers subverts expectations on all sides and paints a hilarious portrait of the world’s most misunderstood plant and its faithful users. His Sacred Herb is topical with the upcoming legalization in Canada.

The Green Shadow (1995) won a National Magazine Award in its original serialized form. His films include the Hinterland Tales series for MTV, Tiger Bomb: A Symphony in Dynamite, and the wildly popular Spiders on Drugs. His YouTube channel is Apeman888.

The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan (2004), a tragicomic account of small–town life in British Columbia, follows on from The Green Shadow. Struthers was accused of being “a Canadian version of Hunter S. Thompson” (Vancouver Sun) on the merits of his most recent memoir, Around the World on Minimum Wage (2014). His novel-in-progress is to be titled The Madness of Prince George.

* * *

All members are encouraged to bring their writing news and ideas to share with the group. Tables are available for members to display their published works or related services.


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